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UI Green Metric
According to the UI Green Metric World University Ranking websites on December 19,2018,the University of Isfahan was ranked 3 among the 15 Iranian universities after University of Zanjan and University of Kashan and ranked 220 among 719 universities in the world.
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Conference Topics
1- National and International Practices

2- Renewable Energy

3- Water and Waste Water Management

4- Waste Management

5- Energy Consumption Management

6- Green Transportation

7- Green Information Technology

8- Sustainable Campus Design

  About Conference

In connection with the ever-increasing environmental hazards and the surged concerns from people and governmental positions about environmental challenges,the first International conference of the Green University is to be held with the collaboration of Ministry of Science Research and Technology,and the University of Isfahan.

Considering that the universities,acting as role models for the society, stand in the forefront of the pathway of innovation and employing the latest scientific findings,this conference,that is the second symposium of Green universities in Iran,and the second International conference of its kind,provides an occasion for exhibiting the accomplishments in the domains of green management at universities and exchanging knowledge and experiences of the administrates and proficient experts concerning sustainable campuses,to provide the grounds for expansive developments within the community,as well as promoting the performance of the universities. 

 The Second International Green University Conference will host professionals in the related fields from different countries and distinguished home-based professors to share their achievements,initiatives and the challenges they face with other intellectuals and decision-makers in the related fields. With the establishment of market strategy and a green startup,this conference has created a platform for the presentation of the ideas and communication between thinkers and relevant experts in relation to the themes of the conference,to facilitate interaction between industry and the university in addition to cultivating the academic elites. 


In the Name of God,the Compassionate,the Merciful

 University has ever been the role model of society,and responsible for upbringing the future humankind. In this respect,creating a balance between humanity and the environment in the universities will result in making lifestyle more compatible with the environment,and also the establishment of green university will form green awareness within the community. 

As the main hub of technology and knowledge production in the country,it is the undertaking of university to institutionalize and promote sustainable living habits along with solving environmental challenges. Additionally,one of the goals of higher education is to achieve a sustainable society and protect the environment by benefitting the capabilities of scholars,experts and theorists in the area of green management in accompaniment with professional national and international organizations. Accordingly,a number of organizations including UNEP,FAO,Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC),International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN),Global Environment Facility (GEF),and World Wide Fund for Nature (WWFN) have devised practical and scientific programs and procedures in this respect. 

Owing to the growth of university campuses,the increase in student population,and their relatively high consumption of energy level,water and waste production,transportation and related issues,it is of grave importance to pay special attention to green management and take green campus indicators into account. 

In recent years,with regards to the establishment of Green Management Control Councils at universities,educational centers,research hubs and science and technology parks,environmental activities have gained a new life. With indicators related to geographical,temporal and spatial concerns,and with focus on the fluidity of the concept of sustainability,the Iranian Evaluation System on Campus Sustainability administers activities and monitors the results of university undertakings in terms of climate,culture and environment. With the systematic combination of local and global knowledge,Green management cultivates brand-new solutions,and develops a useful benchmark for comparing the status of universities with a qualified position to the point of competition with the leading international universities in the field of green management. In order to achieve the idea of Green University,campus universities are expected to homogenize the talents of the faculty and students in scientific domains and disciplines with the perspective of protecting resources and efficient environmental management of long-term policies and perspectives and transferring the values gained in the areas of sustainability at regional and global levels. 

 Dr. Mansour Gholami


  Utilizing Clean Technologies and Renewable Energies

1. Utilizing Solar Energy by Photovoltaic Systems and Solar Water Heaters

2. Utilizing wind energy by way of various wind turbines

3. Utilizing geothermal energy

4. Utilizing fuel cell and biomass

5. Other cases of the above-mentioned kind being approved by the Green Management Control Council
  Cultivation and Developing Energy Management
 It is upon the Control Council of Green Management to implement incentive measures in order to consolidate the habits of saving and conservation of energy and the environment in employees and students. The following undertakings are recommended in this regard:

1. Providing Green Instruction Guide to Operators and Employees in their activeness and participation

2. Previsioning and conducting green management training course for all employees

3. Promoting public awareness through cultivation and public education by way of educational centers and institutions; Mass media in all formats of written, visual and auditory;

4. Expansion of operations for waste separation with the help of individual users;

5. Other issues of this kind that is required to be legitimized by Green Board of Directors in the Institute.

  Supplying the Power of Buildings by using Solar Bricks
 According to official statistics,about 40 percent of world-wide electricity is consumed in buildings,and moreover,buildings account for about one-third of the carbon produced on the planet. 

Therefore,finding solutions for the energy problem in the buildings proves to be an interesting research topic that has attracted many researchers.

Researchers at the University of Exeter have come up with a new technology that helps save all the energy in the buildings without need for external resources.

 The solution offered by the company is Solar Squared bricks that can be replaced by bricks currently used.

In the build-up of these glass bricks the technology of solar cells has been utilized. In this way,each block of bricks forms a solar panel that directly absorbs the sunlight and converts it to electrical energy.

Furthermore,in the structure of these bricks,special light materials have been used which to a large extent enhance the absorption of light and increase the efficiency of the whole panel.

The electricity produced in this way can be used to provide home power,electric cars charging or for being stored in household storage sectors.


 International Center for Science,High Technology and
Environmental Sciences with collaboration of the United
Nations Educational,Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

Address: Office of Technical Affairs and Development Projects,University of Isfahan,Hezarjirib Ave,Isfahan,Iran

Telephone : (98) 31 37932775-2776 
Fax: (98) 31 36686827

Email: greenuniversity@res.ui.ac.ir 

Monday 17 June 2019

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