IoT 2017 Workshops
We are pleased to present the IoT 2017 Workshops.
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Deadline extension
Due to numerous requests for an extension of the deadline for the call of papers the IoT 2017 organizing committee decided to make extension of deadline for paper submission till February 19th,2017.
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Selected papers will be introduced to Journal of Computing and Security
A few selected papers will be introduced to Journal of Computing and Security for futher review and possible publication after being extended.
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Honorable International Visitors
Please be aware that if you are going to attend the IoT2017 conference,the International office of the university of Isfahan may help you on visa affairs. Please email us as soon as possible since the visa procedure is rather lengthily.
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The Internet of Things is a modern,emerging and rapidly growing technology. The IoT facilitates flexible transactions and interconnections amongst a diverse and wide range of objects,including men,apparatuses and even animals,using the Internet or other possible communication networks.

The IoT development involves research,business,and industry. It has been estimated that the IoT market will be beyond 300 billions of dollar by 2020. In the future,the role and presence of the IoT in the ordinary life would be essential and unignorable. The IoT business can provide a set of new jobs,while the IoT research is growing quickly in the academies and research centres as well. During the last few years faculty of computer engineering at university of Isfahan has organized a series of events and meetings on the Internet of Things. Finally it would be our total pleasure to be the host of the 1st International Conference on the Internet of Things,Applications and Infrastructure,IoT 2017,at the University of Isfahan in April 2017.

The organizing committee of the IoT2017 conference warmly invites all the researchers and businesses involved in the field of Internet of things to contribute in that conference which will be held in the monumental and cultural city of Isfahan.

Enabling Technologies/ Networking Technologies
-    Low power and energy harvesting sensors
-    Wireless Technologies,WSN
-    IoT networking protocols
-    Data center design for IoT
-    Network design and architectures for IoT
-    Mobile technologies/services for IoT
-    Machine to machine communications (M2M/MTC)
-    Resource-constrained networks (energy efficiency,spectrum efficiency,etc.)
-    Future internet architectures and IoT
-    Embedded softwares
-    Security,privacy-preserving and trust mechanisms for IoT
-    Network management and IoT
-    Intelligent systems for IoT
-    3D printing/scanning
-    Advanced object identification and localization

IoT services,architectures,applications and standards
-    Web of things
-    Streaming data management and mining platforms
-    Service middleware
-    Cloud services and IoT
-    Fog-based IoT
-    Augmented reality and virtual reality,human-to-object and object-to-object interactions
-    IoT and security management services
-    Things-centric,service-centric and data-centric architecture
-    Location aware/context aware services and IoT
-    IoT and eHealth services
-    Smart city applications and services
-    Smart environments,environment monitoring
-    Intelligent transportation,VANETs and IoV
-    Smart grids,IoT for energy management
-    Smart homes,building automation and management
-    IoT for agriculture and Industrial applications
-    IoT standards
-    Economic aspects of IoT

IoT and Data Science
-    IoT data analytics,physical world event processing and understanding
-    Semantic data and IoT
-    Big data
-    Smart data
-    Networking and social networks
-    Software frameworks (MapReduce,Spark etc) and simulations
-    Learning from big data

Important Dates
Paper submission deadline: 20 January 2017
Extended deadline: 10 February 2017 19 February 2017
Acceptance notification: 5 March 2017 4 April 2017
Camera ready submission: 12 April 2017
Conference registration: 11 April 2017
Workshops registration: 13 April 2017
Exposition registration: 13 April 2017
Conference date: 19-20 April 2017
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